Design everywhere?

When it is time for you to pick a designer, you need to pick someone who sees design- everywhere.  Design is very clearly in fashion, home design, branding and art but a true designer sees it literally everywhere.

When it is time for you to start looking at who is going to choose how your brand will look to others, it is important you aren’t limiting yourself to a designer who has sees the world through only one filter. There are niche designers out there who work primarily in your field and have designed numerous logos that will look just like yours. Is that really what you want?

Even in the most non-designy moments of live, I see design. Take this photo above- just a few artists sitting in a room, talking. I see the contrast in Portland’s sweater. I see a focal point that is worth focusing on. I see negative space. I see where to place text if I needed. I see the color palette. I see a moment of greatness.

I see your business, employees, products, and services the same way I see that photo. I can pull out what I need, put in what I want, and create a marketing piece that reflects back all the beauty I find. So that is my advice to you- Elizabeth Kayde or not- choose a designer who sees the beauty first in the world, your business, and even you.

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