To brand or not to brand…

We used to live in much simpler times. When we thought of brands, we often thought of big corporations like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Lays. The small boutique on main street, or the bar on the corner had a logo if they were lucky and the online shops just needed a cool looking website. If you wanted to start a business, you spent the bulk of your time creating a comprehensive business plan and branding wasn’t listed on it. Times have changed…

Should you have a brand?

These days you can create a brand and then leverage that brand to grown your customer base, and enhance your credibility online and in person. As your branding designer, I am focused on engagement, instead of just advertisement.

In today’s smart phone and social media obsessed world, a business is losing a great opportunity without a brand plan that guides all employees and marketing efforts to convey it’s place in the world. Without a defined tone of voice, a brand loses it’s place in the conversations, otherwise known as engagement, with the very people it is trying to connect with.

What is a brand plan?

Branding is about emotionally connecting your product and services to your customers and clients. Marketing is about numbers. Both are important, but in today’s sensitive climate, how you make your customers feel can make or break your business.

A branding plan tells you and each one of your employees how your business speaks- as if it is a real person. A real person has a certain style of physical appearance, a unique voice, and a personality that is recognizable online and in-the-flesh. Your business needs to have all of that too.

An Elizabeth Kayde branding package can include as much as you want. It can include:

• color palette
• font guidelines
• spacing guidelines
• imagery guidelines
• filter selections
• hashtag list
• email signatures
• social media faces
• brand tone of voice
• competitor analysis

Let’s build yours today.

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