Wedding Calligraphy

Looking for calligraphy services for your wedding invitations? Elizabeth Kayde  has teamed up with Kelli Frank Crafthouse to offer our brides calligraphy services. Read on to learn more…

Where to Use It

Calligraphy traditionally is reserved for the inner and outer envelopes of invitations, however you can incorporate it elsewhere. Use handwritten calligraphy on the escort cards, menu cards, ceremony programs and even late night snack bags. While calligraphy isn’t typically used on the entire invitation (it can be difficult to read — and expensive), spot calligraphy, which highlights important items like your names, is becoming an increasingly popular option for brides.

Printed vs. Handwritten Calligraphy

Your wedding envelopes should be addressed by hand, but there are calligraphy fonts that you can download and print onto your envelopes, sometimes free of charge.  You can almost always tell the difference between handwritten calligraphy and a printed font, but printed calligraphy is always a beautiful option if you’re on a budget.

What It Costs

Calligraphy is a time-consuming process with a fee to match appropriately. Pricing can range anywhere from $2 to $5 per envelope — or higher for special requests. Your calligrapher will price their work with a few factors in mind: the style, turnaround time, special materials like custom ink colors or metallics, and the type of paper or materials that they’re writing on.

How Long It Takes

Most calligraphers schedule two-week turnarounds, but it really depends on the size and type of the project. Keep in mind that much like a popular wedding venue, experienced calligraphers book up fast, so don’t leave hiring one to the last minute — or you could potentially end up paying a rush fee.


Check out Kelli Frank Crafhouse for more examples here.

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