How to market your local boutique

As a local boutique, you are looking for a way to relate to your customers, connect with them and have that remarkable relationship that lasts as long as possible. Your competition is getting more and more widespread as each day passes, so your brand needs to stand out among the other choices your consumer has. You want your customers to fall in love with your brand, become committed and speak so highly of your company, that all of their friends want a shopping relationship with you too. 

Your brand has three tasks at hand when it is introduced into the marketplace:

  •  to navigate consumers to your storefront
  •  re-affirm that they have made the right choice with consistency and accuracy in product or service
  •  engage and identify with your consumer base

Here are tips on how to successfully master that first step:

  1. Set yourself apart by showcasing why you are different from big retailers and local competitors.
  2. Develop a blog or email newsletter that you send to customers with exclusive deals, tips on how to wear your merchandise.
  3. Target your advertising dollars to publications and events of your typical customer. If you sell yoga clothes, advertise in the “Get Fit” newsletter in the health stores like Whole Foods.
  4. Mingle with potential clients at community events and festivals. People are more likely to come to a boutique that they already feel welcome at.
  5.  See if you can persuade the local editor of a regional or local magazine to run a feature story on you and your boutique. Word of mouth is when it comes from a publication that people trust.
  6. Open your doors for events that bring your customers in, such as an author who writes about fashion.
  7. Make sure your logo and marketing reflects the quality of the things you are selling. Having a consistent branding team behind your marketing will help your customers trust your quality.
  8. Hire Elizabeth Kayde to assist with your branding. ( See what we did there)


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