Cliff Jumping

A little motivational pick me up for my fellow entrepreneurs out there…

When you are starting a business, re-branding a business or at the end of an unsuccessful venture you are standing at the edge of a cliff…and you have a choice. 1) You can turn back and go where you have gone before. You are familiar with the ups and downs and what you will pass along the way. 2) You can just stand there and wonder what it will be like beyond the cliff. You can dream of what it will feel like to fly. 3) You can jump.

When you make the choice to jump, you are making a decision to trust in yourself. You are making a decision to follow the advice of all the positive memes that you see your happy friends (or sometimes unhappy friends in search of happiness) posting. It is the hardest decision you will ever make because you have no idea what is ahead. There is no way to predict how fast your wings will open up and how it will feel to fly. You have no guarantee that you will not hit the rocks and get a few new scrapes and cuts.

I can promise you one thing though- you will succeed if you keep jumping when you get to those cliffs. You will know what it feels like to fly and trust in yourself and you will want to do it again. You will never stand on a cliff again wondering and you sure as hell won’t turn back and go down that same old road you came from.

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