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Once your brand is established and you have all of your social media accounts active and growing, it is time to start thinking about how you will campaign for your business. Successful campaigns are carefully researched, well thought-out and focused on details and execution. Planning a marketing campaign starts with understanding your position in the marketplace and ends with all the amazing details. Even the campaign creators have to create campaigns. Here is one that Elizabeth Kayde created for Elizabeth Kayde- to get customers to pay Elizabeth Kayde to create campaigns for them.

Before you look- here is what you are looking at…

Before the launch of the new website (the one you are on right now), Elizabeth Kayde’s creator Ashleigh decided to start a campaign to launch the brand. She asked several of her close friends to make a sign, counting down the days until the launch of the site. No one know where the countdown would lead them, but after the first few were posted on Facebook, it generated interest. People started asking who Elizabeth Kayde was and what was she doing in 21 days…15 days. Eventually, people started voluntarily sending photos of them holding up a sign. Ashleigh asked 25 friends, and 101 people participated. Campaign- successful.
branding campaigns